Specializing in Drug & Alcohol Screening, Specimen Collection, DNA, Breath Alcohol Testing, and Covid-19 Rapid Testing.

Pot Marijuana Rapid Testing
Drug Testing Lab Instant Fast Accurate
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Drug Testing Fast and Accurate
Drug Testing Fast and Accurate
Drug Testing :  Instant

Results in 5 minutes! Perfect for employers who want POCT (Point of Collection Testing) onsite! Want to pre-test before you test?Need instant results for a court-ordered program? Part of a drug-free school policy? Have a family pact to stay drug-free? This method may be for you...

About Rapid Testing

  • Fast

  • Highly Accurate

  • Affordable

  • Convenient

  • OPTIONS: TCH-Only, Nicotine only, 5-Panel, & 12-Panel instant tests!

  • Built-in Adulterant Screening (we'll know if a sample has an additive chemical or "cleanser")

  • Built-in Specimen Validity (guards against non-urine replacements)

  • Specimen Integrity Temperature Strip

  • Private (non-lab based testing)

  • FDA-cleared

  • Easy to read

  • Leak-proof 

  • Single cup collection - no pouring or transfer!

  • Controls (adequate volume, wicking, procedural technique)

Rapid Test Options


Rapid Test ($30)

  • Marijuana

Nicotine Use

Rapid Test ($30)

  • Cotinine


Rapid Test ($55)

  • Amphetamine

  • Cocaine

  • Marijuana

  • Opiates

  • PCP


Rapid Test ($90)

(3 options w/varying panels)

Example - Option #1

  • Amphetamines (AMP)

  • Barbiturates (BAR)

  • Benzodiazepines (BZO)

  • Cocaine (COC)

  • Marijuana (THC)

  • Methadone (MTD)

  • Methamphetamine (mAMP)

  • Opiates (OPI)

  • Oxycodone (OXY)

  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

  • Propoxyphene (PPX)

  • Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA)

Rapid testing results do not include the specific drug used under a particular category.

For instance, a positive indication for Opiates will not indicate whether the presumptive positive was Oxycontin, Fentanyl, etc.,

but will only show the presence or absence of the drug in the system.

*Testing for yourself? Need to pre-test before you test? No paperwork, no names. Test instantly and discreetly!

Drug  Testing :  Lab-Based

Oris works with most major drug testing laboratories across the country. If your company has an account with a lab - or want to simply use our Oris partnership account - we'll do your collections... at our office or yours!  Oris can also do these collections for alcohol screening.


  • Urine: Non-observed 

  • Urine: Same-Gender Observed*

  • Hair

  • Nails

  • Saliva

  • Blood Spot (alcohol screen)

  • Whole Blood* (alcohol screen)

* Male observed collections and

whole blood collections must have

an appointment in advance.

Lab Partnerships

  • Affinity

  • Alere (Abbott)

  • CRL

  • DrugScan

  • First Lab

  • LabCorp

  • MedTox

  • Omega

  • Phamatech

  • Psychemedics

  • Quest Diagnostics

  • Redwood Toxicology


  • Pre-Employment

  • Personal Use

  • Return-to-Duty

  • Post-Accident

  • Follow-Up

  • Probation

  • Diversion

  • Court-Ordered

  • Random DOT/non-DOT

  • Reasonable Suspicion/Probable Cause

  • Children & Family Services

  • Safe School Programs

  • Child Custody Agreement

  • Private Family Agreements

  • and more...

Reasons for Testing

Breath Alcohol Test

Need DOT-regulated random evidential breath testing? Have an employee you suspect may be under the influence of alcohol? Need post-accident testing following an incident? We can help you... 

BAT at Oris

  • Certified, Trained EBT BAT Technicians

  • NHTSA-Approved EBT Device: Alcovisor Jupiter with fuel cell sensor technology

  • Non-invasive

  • Fast

  • Easy

  • Highly Sensitive

  • Quality Assurance Instrument Calibration

  • 3-Part NCR form or FormFox online Custody & Control Form

  • $30 Test Fee ($10 positive confirmation test fee)

Blood  Alcohol Tests

Both PEth and EtG screen for the presence of alcohol using a blood sample. Approximately 2-8% of alcohol is release though sweat, urine, and breath, and since the liver can only metabolize so much alcohol, what's left stays in the blood. 


  • Trained Blood Spot Collectors

  • Detection of alcohol abuse with 99% sensitivity since PEth is a direct biomarker

  • Fairly non-invasive (pin prick only!)

  • Fast

  • Easy

  • Detection period of approximately 2-3 weeks

  • Can be combined with hair or nail alcohol screening to determine abuse patterns - both of which can go back several months


  • Whole blood (needle & vial) collection

  • Licensed phlebotomist

  • More accurate than urine for testing specific alcohol levels up to 24 hours post-consumption

  • Often used to detect relapse or to confirm abstinence from alcohol

DNA :  Relationship Testing

Oris' qualified, 3rd party collectors rely on Universal Forensics Corporation (cutting-edge DNA services). Professional, discreet, secure sample handling and collection. Regardless of legal or non-legal status, Oris handles, stores, and packages all specimen collections with equal care.


  • Legal & Non-Legal Testing Available

  • Certified Collectors

  • Non-Invasive Specimen Collection - simple buccal (cheek) swab

  • Strict Chain-of-Custody Practices

  • Overnight to Lab

  • Results Provided as Instructed by Client... discreetly

Test Types

  • Paternity

  • Maternity

  • Sibling - full, half, no relation? 

  • Grandparent/Uncle/Aunt & Child - if father is not available

  • Twins - identical or fraternal?

  • Personal Genetic Profile

  • Y-Chromosome - do 2 males share paternal lineage?

DNA :  Infidelity Testing

Professional, discreet testing for suspected infidelity by a spouse/partner. DNA provides a conclusive answer by identifying a suspicious substance as either male or female, then comparing it with DNA not belonging to the parties in question. It's a difficult issue, and we'll work to get the answers you need.

Sample Types*

  • Condom

  • Underwear

  • Sheets

  • Tissues/Napkin/Handkerchief

  • Hair or Fingernail Clipping

  • Cigarette Butts

  • Razor

  • Toothbrush

  • ... and more

  * The success of analysis varies by item.


  • $40 per sample*

  • Accurate

  • Reliable

  • Confidential - no name/personal information needed

  • Cheek Swab - As a reference sample to exclude the client

  • 3-Step Process - (1) Existence of DNA/biological material in the sample, (2) gender of this material's donor, then (3) exclusion of the client as the source of sample.

  • Non-Legally Binding - there is no certified Chain-of-Custody for the samples involved, therefore cannot be used for legal proceedings.

* Depending upon the item, the sample may or may not be returned; if item is returned, item will most likely not be in its original condition. Additional fee for return shipping from DNA lab will apply.

Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test
COV Antigen FAQ >

Want to know if you've been exposed to Covid-19 recently? Suspect you've been infected? CareStart Rapid Tests detect SARS-CoV-2 viral antigens, indicating the presence of Covid-19.

Covid-19 Antigen Testing at Oris


  • Trained Technicians

  • FDA-Approved under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

  • Same-day results

  • Nasopharyngeal swab specimen collection

  • $120 Test Fee


Covid-19 Antibody Rapid Test

Want to know if you've been exposed to Covid-19 in the past? The Ecotest detects anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgM and IgG antibodies.

Covid-19 Antibody Testing at Oris

  • Trained Technicians

  • FDA-Approved under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

  • Fast

  • Easy

  • Fingerstick Only

  • $99 Test Fee

Live Scan Fingerprinting

Oris offers California DOJ and FBI Live Scan fingerprinting services. Clean, careful, inkless rolling submitted electronically. (Please plan to be here for at least 1/2 hour!)

Acceptable Primary Forms of ID

  • Valid State-issued Driver’s License (a printed temporary state Driver's License is NOT a valid form of ID)

  • State-issued ID Card (DMV)

  • Federal Goverment Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV)

  • Valid U.S. Passport with current Visa

  • Valid U.S. Passport Card

  • Military Identification Card

  • Work Visa w/ Photo

  • Permanent Resident Card

  • DOD Common Access Card

  • Foreign Driver’s License

  • U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card

Acceptable Secondary Forms of ID*

  • State Government Issued Certificate of Birth 

  • U.S. Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Identification Card

  • Native American tribal document 

  • Social Security Card 

  • Court Order for Name Change/Gender Change/ Adoption/Divorce

  • Marriage Certificate (Government Issued) 

  • U.S. Government Issued Consular Report of Birth Abroad

  • Certificate of Citizenship (N560)  

  • Certificate of Naturalization (N550) 

  • School ID with Photograph (minimum age 7)

  • Draft Record

* Secondary forms of ID require two supporting documents: Utility bill with address, Jurisdictional Voter Registration Card, Vehicle Registration Card or Title, Pay stub with name & address, Jurisdictional Public Assistance Card, Spouse/Parent Affidavit (if applicable at Live Scan location)