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Curious about drug screening? DNA?
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FAQ Drug Testing DNA
  • What is a Breath Alcohol Test?
    A BAT uses an evidential breath test device (EBT) to to determine any blood alcohol content (BAC or blood alcohol concentration) in your system. Specifically, you will breathe into an individually wrapped, disposable mouthpiece, and the device will produce a result. It is an indirect way to measure intoxication using ethanol present in the breath in a non-invasive, fast and easy way.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Identification in the form of a company ID with photo, driver’s license or passport.
  • How long does the test take?
    The BAT usually takes about 15 minutes, including paperwork.
  • How long does it take to get the results?
    The results are known instantly. If done on paper, the original testing form stays at the testing facility, and a copy will be provided both for the employee and employer, each with an original readout attached from the BAT device.
  • How do you read blood alcohol in a breath test?
    Our Alcovisor Jupiter – a NHTSA-approved evidentiary breath device - uses a fuel cell sensor which is a more accurate measure, in percentage, of the amount of “mass per volume” or mg of alcohol per mg of blood (for example, a reading of 0.05% would be 0.05 of alcohol per 5.0 mg of blood). There is a direct relationship of the alcohol in the blood to the alcohol that is metabolized by the lungs from the bloodstream.
  • What can affect BAC?
    BAC can vary based on age, gender, volume/strength/speed of alcohol consumption, body weight/fat content/muscle content, metabolism, medications, food consumed, whether the alcohol is carbonated (champagne) or in a carbonated base (mixed drinks with soda), personal tolerance for alcohol, and any physiological issues such as diabetes.
  • What if I’m diabetic?
    The acetone sometimes present in the breath of diabetics is not picked up by our system, thus, no worries!
  • Any way to beat the BAT?
    No, and there are many myths, including placing a copper-coated penny or batteries in your mouth, fooling the unit with mouthwash or mints/gum or menthol cigarettes, hyperventilating, or hiding activated charcoal packets under your tongue. These machines are way too sophisticated…
  • How do I know your device is accurate?
    We calibrate our device more often than required to ensure it stays in top working order. Additionally, you will always be shown the device readout at o.oo% prior to your breath test.

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