• LiveScan certified private service provider

  • DOJ-certified fingerprint technicians

  • Inkless, electronic fingerprint rolling. Faster, cleaner, and more accurate!
  • DNA Buccal Testing: Paternity (legal/non-legal testing) and non-paternity (sibling, fidelity, forensics)

  • Confidential, secure, and HIPAA compliant
  • Passport photo services: US, Canada, European​
Passport Photos

Offsite drug testing collection services available!

We'll come to your business location. It's easy and convenient!

Live Scan
Fingerprinting Services
DNA/Genetic Testing
  • ​​Urine Collection: Oris is a preferred collection site! Come see us for random testing, court-ordered drug testing, comprehensive pre-employment, CFS, diversion programs, post-accident. Observed and monitored. Certified DOT collection.

  • Rapid Urine Test for 5 or 12 panel drug testing - Get results instantly!​

  • Hair follicle drug testing from head, leg, chest, and underarm for 5- and extended-panels.

  • Nail Testing for drugs

  • Phlebotomy Services

  • Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT): Oris uses Alcovisor, the certified DOT-compliant testing device widely used by the law enforcement community, and we have two BAT-certified technicians on staff!
DOT/NON-DOT Drug Screening

​​Rapid. Accurate. Consistent.

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